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Oloom Industry Co., Ltd.

Sanistep (Pedal Style Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser )
( Model Number : Sanistep )
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benefits.gif (804 bytes)Be a Sanistep ahead of the competition by providing a service your competitors do not have. Sanistep is specially designed to be "hands-free", in order to prevent cross contamination. Sanistep eliminates the chance that any user will catch or spread harmful bacteria from a public toilet. Moreover, Sanistep will give your customers and employees peace of mind when they use the restroom.

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This is where your customers and employees are happy!

Looks Clean?
Because you can't see this.

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pic7.gif (16480 bytes) Feel Better?
But still dirty.

Do you carry cleaner with you?

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Sanistep is effective in restaurants, hotels, airports, office buildings, factories, hospitals, shops and any public restrooms.

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Press the pedal for new seat wrap.

Wall Label

Easy to use foot pedal mechanism ensures clean seat every use.
Each use on plastic wrap has new flower marks.
Simple installation, fits most existing toilet seats.
No batteries or electric required.
300 uses per roll.
Large window indicates when it is time to change roll.

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US, EU, Japan & China Patents Applied

icon   Origin Republic of Korea

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